We Really Love Linen

If you’re like us, summer = linen. Whether it’s a crisply pressed dress, or the scruffy elegance of a wrinkled suit, there’s a reason the two go together so well.

In your home, though, linen’s always in season. A lot of the things that make it perfect for summer clothing mean it’s great doing double duty around the house. Check it out:

- Linen, a product of the flax plant, is stronger when wet. Hello towels!

- And when it absorbs moisture, it doesn’t hold onto bacteria. Bye towel smell!

- 30 years. Good linen, if you take care of it, can give you about three decades of service. That’s why people have always passed linens down from generation to generation.

- It’s strong AF. In the Middle ages people literally made armor out of it.

- It’s also so easy on the planet. Flax and waste do not go together. Its byproducts become flaxseed oil, it uses less water than cotton, requires significantly fewer pesticides to grow, and when you don’t aggressively dye it (of course we don’t) it’s biodegradable.

A lot of ours comes from Charvet in Armentières, France. The “city de la toile” it’s the country’s linen HQ, and Charvet is one of the oldest and most respected houses. Continually in operation since 1922, their wares have filled armoires with heirloom quality woven goods ever since.

Right now, we’re making our dish towels, dish rags, apron, market sack + tote, and even wrapping our hangers in it. So, yeah, big big fans.