Are You On The Nice List This Year?

Are You On The Nice List This Year?

Check out these four simple ways you can add a lot of nice to your home and get rid of some naughty in the new year. 


NAUGHTY – Plastic Bags: We need our oceans clean, thank you!

NICE – Market Tote: The bag that lasts forever. 


NAUGHTY – Dryer Sheets: Bad for your clothes, bad for our planet. 

NICE – Wool Dryer Balls: Biodegradable, chemical free.

NAUGHTY – Plastic Hangers: 85% end up in landfills. 

NICE – Wood Hangers: Hang on to these!

NAUGHTYPaper Towels: We could use an extra 110 million trees a year. 

NICEFlour Sack Towels: Save some trees, please use these!