Spring Cleaning Checklist Vol. 2

Spring Cleaning Checklist Vol. 2


By now you have hopefully made some nice cleaning progress around the house. Today we're going to dig deeper into specific rooms.

Our printable list is available here and will continue to get updated throughout the week so, if you're planning to put this off for a later date (no judgement!) you'll have the tools you need available to you any time you're ready to get cleaning. 

☐   FLOOR MATS – Shake or vacuum indoor and outdoor mats to remove winter dirt and debris.

☐   FRONT ENTRANCE – Sweep away cobwebs, wash the front door, remove and clean outdoor light fixtures and bulbs.

☐   HALL CLOSET – Remove, wash and store winter coats, hats, scarves and mittens, and boots; bag and donate items no longer needed.  Make sure you have nice looking, consistent hangers; after all, guests are more likely to see a hall closet than a bedroom closet.


☐   FURNITURE – Dust table tops as well as chair and table legs; spritz a soft cloth with wood cleaner or furniture polish to shine and protect wood; vacuum upholstered and leather furniture, including under cushions; move large furniture so you can vacuum underneath.

☐   BOOKSHELVES – Use a feather duster to dust tops of books, knickknacks, and exposed shelving.

☐   AREA RUGS – Roll up area rugs and vacuum the floor underneath, then both sides of the area rug before replacing; shake lightweight rugs outdoors.


☐   FURNITURE – Dust first, then vacuum under your bed, dresser, and nightstands.

☐   MATTRESS – Flip or rotate, if recommended; vacuum with upholstery attachment.

☐   BEDDING – Replace winter bedding with spring/summer bedding; wash before storing.

☐   DRESSER DRAWERS – Remove clothing drawer by drawer, putting back only what you will wear in spring/summer; wash and store winter clothing in sturdy boxes; bag items you didn’t wear over the winter to sell or donate.

☐   CLOSETS – Schedule a morning or afternoon closet decluttering session.


☐   WASHER/DRYER – Wipe top and front with a damp* microfiber cloth; move appliances to vacuum and mop floor underneath.

☐   WASHING MACHINE DRUM – Run an empty load with your usual amount of detergent; also remove detergent dispenser and remove detergent residue under hot, running water.

☐   DRYER VENT – Clean the dryer exhaust vent, hose and lint filter trap with a special dryer vent cleaning kit. Or hire a professional.