Versatile Vinegar

We love, love scented vinegar as a gentler, more affordable alternative to harsh detergents and other toxic cleaners for laundry and general home cleaning. Use in laundry to refresh linens or gym wear, or mix with baking soda for an all natural metal polish. Vinegar prevents hard water build up, removes soap scum and mineral deposits and neutralizes odor making it a natural choice for cleaning:

- Glass surfaces including mirrors and windows

- Bathroom fixtures

- Trash cans

- Drains and garbage disposals

- Solid surface countertops

- Floors

- Dishes

- Coffee Maker & Tea Pot 

- Kitchen appliances

- Stainless Steel (Pro tip - mix with a little oil for a homemade polish) 

- Laundry 


A few things you should NOT use vinegar to clean:

- Cast iron

- Aluminum

- Natural stone countertops 

- Natural stone tile

- Tile grout

- Unfinished wood

- Waxed wood

- Electronics