Pantry Envy

Pantry Envy

Pantry Envy. It’s a real thing. We’ve all been there. You know that feeling when you’re at a friend’s house and you casually open the pantry door and BOOM. There it is. Perfectly arranged, cataloged, labeled, color coordinated and neatly configured jars and baskets and bins. It’s then you think "do people live like this?"

Actually, we’re here to tell you that you, yes you, can have that Instagram-worthy pantry people ooh and ahhh over. Having an organized, pantry saves you time and money while having positive benefits on the planet. Name one good reason NOT to get your $#!T together?

KEPT breaks it down for you, making it super simple. You don’t need a million products. You need a few key items, which we’ve curated for you in our shop, a little guidance, and that dream pantry is within reach. If you’re new to this, remember it’s ok to start small - pick a shelf or two and go from there. 

Check out our KEPT Planner + Shopping List. Check off the items you typically like to keep stocked. We’ve recommended the appropriate jar size for each ingredient so you can easily figure out how many of each size you need. Shop KEPT Pantry products individually or check out our sets.

Let’s do this! 


1.   MEASURE.  Mom always said "Measure twice. Cut once." Know the space you're working with. Measure the width x depth of your shelves. Plan 1 jar for every 4 inches. 

2.   REMOVE.  Everything.

3.   CLEAN.  Wipe down each surface.

4.   PURGE.  Compost / dispose / toss anything that is expired. Remember to recycle the containers. Donate anything that is shelf stable but has no place in your new space. Food waste is a serious problem and you can help the cause while you’re at it. 

5.   SORT.  Group your pantry contents into categories i.e.: baking, condiments, breakfast items, snacks, dinner starters, treats. 

6.   SHOP.  Check the KEPT Shopping List + Planner and make sure you have everything you keep stocked. Replenish as necessary.

7.   LABEL.  Our clean + simple KEPT Pantry Labels consist of the same 42 ingredients on our Planner + Shopping List plus plenty of write-ins. All of our sets include labels and we’ve also included a trusty old-fashioned wax pencil so you can write directly on the jars - an expiration date, cooking instructions, etc. Wipe it away when you need to update.

8.   DECANT.  Transfer all dry ingredients to our pantry jars. It’s important that you see what’s inside and know when you’re running low. PS: You can’t decant without a good funnel. Well you can, but it'll be messy.

    KEPT Fresh Replenishing Pro-Tip:
    - Empty old contents
    - Fill with fresh food
    - Top off with old so that it gets eaten first
    - Write new expiration date

    9.   CONTAIN.  Baskets and bins are great for corralling individually packaged items and backstock.  

    10.   REPLACE.  Put away the refined pantry products in a thoughtful way. Refer to the previously sorted categories and put like items together. Also consider where they go on the shelves - eye level for more frequently used items so you’re not bending constantly or getting out a step-ladder everytime you need a staple. Place less frequently used and seasonal items way back and up high. Do you have little ones who need to reach their snacks? Go low. 

    11.   MAINTAIN.  Make it clear where everything goes so you and other members of the household can easily find things and everyone can participate in keeping the order. Seeing what you have will save you time during meal prep and help make sure you’re always stocked. 

    We know the pantry makeover can seem overwhelming, and for most of you, it’s something you genuinely want to do but put off because, well, life gets in the way. If you break it down into these simple steps, commit and stick to our plan you will be so happy with the changes you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. The myriad of benefits range from environmental to neurological. For starters, cutting out wasteful packaging, decreasing food waste, and striving to be plastic free will all lead to a healthier planet and better quality of life. Organized pantries are also proven to reduce stress and bring happiness.

    Imagine that — having your pantry look like it was styled for a photo shoot. Every. Single. Day. Next time you’re scrolling on instagram and you stop to give heart eyes, it might just be your own pantry you are swooning over.  

    Oh. You’re welcome.