Mo’ Mess, Mo’ Stress

Mo’ Mess, Mo’ Stress

Feeling a little stressed lately? More anxious? Maybe even a little depressed? Declutter your home. You’ll feel better.

Science suggests that if we reduce the mess, we can reduce our stress. In one study, women who described their homes as cluttered or disorganized experienced below-normal changes in cortisol throughout the day, an indicator of chronic stress. Not good.

It’s hard to relax when your home doesn’t feel like a home. A 2016 study found that clutter had a negative impact on perceived well-being – and chipped away at relationships. This same study also linked clutter to decreased feelings of safety and security.

Clutter has been proven to be distracting. Like we needed to tell you that! In a Princeton University study, researchers found that clutter can overwhelm your visual cortex, making it difficult to focus and complete tasks. Um, yeah. It’s hard to crush your goals when your attention is being drawn away from your intention.

More good reasons to declutter your home. This study found that people who keep their homes clean and organized are healthier, both physically and mentally. Completing even a small decluttering project will boost your self-esteem by giving you a sense of accomplishment. Go, you!

Set a daily goal. Example: I’m going to declutter my kitchen countertop today. Or, I’m going to set a timer for 15 minutes and then I’m going to stop. If that’s too much, start by making your bed. You're more likely to get a good night's sleep.

Simple solutions for revamping clutter zones…
•   Use baskets in your living area and bedroom to store throws.
•   Place storage boxes on bookshelves to stash projects you’re working on.
•   Set a valet tray on your nightstand, entry table, or desk to corral keys and small items.
•   Install a peg rail so you can hang up your coat/dog leash when you walk in the door.
•   Store like items such as arts and crafts supplies or stationary in something with a handle (like our toolbox) so you can easily pull it out when needed.

Having a clutter-free home won’t solve all of the world’s problems. We wish! But decluttering will help you create a more peaceful space to retreat from the craziness. And that’s sure to improve your mental and physical well-being.

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